Advantages of linkedin for business

Advantages of linkedin Linkedin Hello friends, welcome to Today we will tell you about LinkedIn and how you can create your account on Linkedin and how to log in to LinkedIn and Linkedin full site
Linkedin sign up something. Even more like why is the CEO of LinkedIn etc. We will do a lot of things about LinkedIn, so we hope that like last time, this time too ,you will read our post thoroughly and also comment, friends, all of you Would have known that there is Internet today and many people in the world use it. Internet for their daily work.


What is Linkedin how does it work?

LinkedIn is a social media network like Facebook. Sites can create a two-way account on  Free and Pad  was created on 14 December 2002 and was launched on 5 May 2003 

Use of Linkedin is increasing daily LinkedIn is the largest Largest Professional network in the world. We all know that very large social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media networks are already present on the Internet. LinkedIn is used to find more employers or employers.

Linkedin uses

You can use this social network to find an employer or an employer.
Promote Blog / Website on LinkedIn to increase traffic
If you have a business, you can work as a Business Partner here as well as Industry Expert.

On LinkedIn sites, you can also use the profile as a Resume.
According to the August 2016 report, a total of 108 Million Active Users visit this social network every day.
The founders of LinkedIn: Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Allen Blue, Eric Lee
Headquarters of LinkedIn: Mountain View, California, United States
Parent organization of LinkedIn: Microsoft Corporation

 You can upload your Resume as per the requirement of the company, you can also apply for a job in a company, LinkedIn has more than 40 Lakh members which are spread in more than 200 countries, Linkedin includes 500 company executives.

How to create an account on Linkedin?

Friends, the process of creating an account on Linkedin is very easy if you want to create your account on LinkedIn, then follow the steps given below by us.

The first thing to do is to search Linkedin on Google
Click on LinkedIn’s site
To create an account on LinkedIn, first go to the website of LinkedIn. Here you will see a URL like this, https://Www.LinkedIn.Com/ Clicking on it will go directly to the site of LinkedIn.



Now you click on Sign Up

  • As soon as you visit the site of LinkedIn, you will see the page of sign up or (Join In). Click on i
    You have to fill some of your details in the sign up form
  • Like fill your first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Fill in your Email Address.
  • Enter your password
  • Must have at least 6 digits
  • Then click on Join Now.
  • Then you Click on Verify CodeTo retrieve the code, you have to choose one of the two options.

 Must select

Choose your country.
Then enter your mobile number.
And then click on Send Code,

Inter last. Your mobile number will get a code, enter that code and click on Verify Code. And after that Postal Code or Area Cod is to be entered, it will be Optional. You can give Postal Code or whether you want to give Area Cod or not. Then click Next.

Here you have to fill about your Profession as if you are a student or someone else

If you are a student, click on the student.
Here you have to give some details like college name in which you are studying.

Now you have to give your ability
After qualification you have to give specialization.If your age is 18 years, then click Yes.
After this, you click on Next.

Select category

After clicking on Next, now you have to choose what you are interested in, here we choose Blogger and you can also choose the subject.
Click on Permission Allow

As soon as you click on Continue, you will have a Pop Up Open to find your email. Clicking on Allow will ask you here Permission.

Verify Your Email

Now you have to open gmail to do your Email ID Verification.

Now you have to login your email ID, after login, you will have received a message from LinkedIn, open that message, if you do not get the message, then check in social and if you do not get it, you can click on Resend Mail and send again If you have an email from LinkedIn, then you have to

Confirm Your Email Address

As soon as you do Confirm Mail, your LinkedIn Account will be ready and now you will have to access the Home menu of LinkedIn and you will have to click on Sign in giving Username and Password. Now your LinkedIn account has been created.

Linkedin Image

What is the use of LinkedIn?

You can also promote your company or any product through Linkedin.
And can bring traffic to your website, you can add as many people together in LinkedIn.
You can find out for any type of job or you can get your job promoted.
 If you want to sell goods online, you can sell with the help of Linkedin.
And if you have a website or you are a blogger, through this, you can get more users by publishing your website post or article here.
You can also get backlink by publishing the post on LinkedIn.
And you can also increase the value of your domain.
 Can group together multiple groups of your choice

What is the age limit for LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn or any other social media, the minimum age has been kept as 18 years ,but in some cases this age has been reduced to 16 years but these rules will be different in every countries, however according to the requirement of the Indian law, you can use LinkedIn. Therefore, if you are under 18, then you must legally require parental consent (including the use of your personal data. May also include)

Linkedin CEO

CEO: Jeff Weiner (June 2009)
Founded: 2002, Mountain View, California, United States
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States
Parent organization: Microsoft Corporation
Founders: Constantin Guerke, Reid Hoffman, Eric Li, Jean-Luc Valent, Alan Blue

What is LinkedIn login?

Very easy process to log in on LinkedIn, first of all you have to go to the main web site of LinkedIn where you will see the login of people, you have to enter your username and password in it and click the button of inter, your account will be opened. If you have forgotten your password, then you have nothing to worry about, you just have to click on the Forgotten password below and enter your gmail id then click on the Inter button That is to do, you will receive a mail in your gmail, from which you can create your new password.

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