What is Instagram and why should you use it?

What is instagram and how does it go

You must have heard the name of Instagram at some time, let us tell you what is Instagram and how to run it, what happens in it, if this question is arising in your mind then you have reached the right place because This article is based on Instagram, today we are going to answer every question that arises in your mind on this article.

If you are wondering what is Instagram, how to run it and how to create an account on it, then there is nothing to worry, because after reading this article of Instagram, you will never get a question that hardly anything like this What you will not know,

what is menning of instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media app or application that you can use it in pc too, about 4 million users in Instagram use it daily, you can share photos as well as videos in it, this is Facebook’s Works the same way. But there is no system like Facebook, if you have a blog or website, you can promote your website or blog. If you already use Instagram, you will have many questions in mind,

such as when Instagram was created, what is the owner’s name of Instagram, how to like it,, what is an Instagram story, etc. . For all these questions you should read the full article I have done a complete task in this article to give you better information, I can say with confidence that if you implement well then you will definitely have friends Could be more famous than

What is the main purpose of Instagram?

As soon as you listen to Instagram, pictures of celebrities will appear in your mind, as they keep uploading updates of their lifestyle, their dress etc. on Instagram daily. If we talk about Instagram, Instagram is at the forefront of uploading these photo videos on social media.

Nowadays it has been seen that not only celebrities but politicians are also using it for campaigning in elections, you too must have used Instagram, there is no one

Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Sisters and Mike Kryger, who created it, later buying it in 2012, given its popularity.
The main purpose of this app was to capture users and add a filter to the photo and write a nice caption and post it to their account.

Right now you will get such features in Instagram, which you may have never seen or used before, besides now you can also post videos.
Can also use filters

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What is Instagram and its uses?

This is the best app for those who keep their last scene height, because you will not get the option of appearing online

If you want, you can make your profile private, so that only those who follow you can see and like your photos and videos.
No one can zoom in and see the profile picture you put on Instagram.
Here only you will get to see the picture or video of those people whom you are following, you will not have any match with those whom you follow, like the friend of friend is on Facebook.

These were some special features that make Instagram a little different and special from other social networking sites.
Now we know what is Instagram and what are its features. Let us now learn how to download the Instagram app and create your new account on Instagram.

How to create instagram account?

Friends, it is very easy to create an account on Instagram, for this you have to go to Google Play Store or Instagram’s man site and install this app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times so far, to verify that A phone number or email ID is required.

After downloading the Instagram app, you have to login it, for thisyou have to login with the email or username with which you created the id or account and then create your Instagram account by entering a unique username. As soon as your account is created, your home screen opens.

You can change your dp in it, add new friends, you can also add a story like Facebook to it. 


You can post your profile And  photo

Here you get a very good option to share your photos and videos. And you can also use filters in it
Along with this, you also get the option of chatting like Facebook
Nowadays, you get the option to put the story on all social sites, you will also get.
In Instagram Apps you do not get the option to send friend request, instead you get the option of follower and can invite

Why is Instagram special?
This is the best app for those who keep their last scene height, because you will not get the option of appearing online.
If you want, you can make your profile private, so that only those who follow you can see and like your photos and videos.

Also know about


I hope you know a lot about instagram
If you still have questions in your mind, you can ask us through comments. And you can share this article with everyone on social media so that they can also create their new account, thank you for reading your article completely

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