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Internet and social media are the era of the 21st century, today there are many such websites and apps available on the internet with the help of which you can know the news of the whole world from home and can easily convey your talk to others. So let’s know about one such application. Whose name is Telegram web 

Today we will know about the Telegram web. This app is built on the basis of the old Telegram app itself. Now we will tell you what is Telegram and also we will tell you what it does.

What is Telegram App

Telegram Application is an Cloud-based Instant Messaging app and Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) service (Mobile and PC App), developed by two brothers, Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. Cloud here means that the data of your Telegram App will be stored on Telegram’s server instead of your device.

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Telegram web

When was Telegram Application Launched

The Telegram Application was launched for ios on 14 August 2013 and was launched for Android Phone on 20 October 2013.

Telegram  Application is designed in such a way that it can run in your Android Mobile, Tablet or Pc as well. You can also use the  Telegram’s web version or Windows, or its desktop apps for Macos and Linux.

Which country is the Telegram App

Telegram App belongs to Russia. But Telegram’s team (Office) is currently based in Dubai, due to some local regulations, the entire team of Telegram had to leave Russia and come to Dubai. Before moving to Dubai, he tried to visit many countries, including Berlin, London and Singapore.

How to create an account in Telegram

You can create your Telegram app account according to the steps given below.

1 Open your mobile’s Google play store or App Store.
2 Now search by typing Telegram in the search bar.
3 Then install Telegram.
4 Once installed, open Telegram.
5 After opening Telegram, click on Start.
6  After that, select the country according to which you want to intercept your mobile number with which you want to create your account and click on next (✔).
Ot an otp will appear on your mobile number
7 Now write that otp and click on Done (✔).
8  Write your full name and click on Done (✔).
9 Now your Telegram Account has been created.

Can I download Telegram on Laptop?

If you want to create your Telegram Account from Pc, then first you have to go to the main Website of Telegram, then download and select Native App according to the operating system of your Pc and then create your account according to the steps given above

Features of Telegram App?

Many of the Telegram App are given below. Some of these features are so good that till date you have hardly seen any other app.

You can create a group of up to 1,00,000 (1 lakh) members in Telegram App.
Through Telegram App, you can make a good big team.
If you want more security then Telegram will give you
Also provides options.

You can use an account on both your mobile, and Pc simultaneously.
You can also share files up to 1 Gb in it.
In this, you get 2-step Verification facility.
Secret Cha or Messages are programmed in such a way that you automatically destroy the messages of the devices between which the secret chats are happening. In Secret Chat, you can share messages, as well as photos, videos, and even files.

Chat History will not require the memory of your device.
Sync: You can access your messages on all your devices at the same time, meaning you start typing the message on your mobile and finish typing on your laptop. Your data will always be saved

Draft: When you type a message on one device and continue the same message on another device, then the message will be saved in Draft. Draft will continue in the Editing Area until the message is sent or removed.
In Telegram you also get support for End-to-End Encryption in Voice Call.
You can also share your live location.


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